Dragonfly: Orthetrum BRP002

A dragonfly’s scientific name is Odonta, which comes from the words “tooth-jawed” because the entomologist (insect scientist), Johann Christian Fabricius, who named them studied the dragonflies’ mouths in order to distinguish the different species. Now their wings are studied as well to classify dragonflies. FACT – other names for dragonflies around the world are water dipper in England, old glassy in China, and the ancient … Continue reading Dragonfly: Orthetrum BRP002

Mauritian Macaque: BRP001

Long tailed macaque monkeys (often called the crab-eating macaque in south-east Asia) live well on the island of Mauritius, and are considered non-native. Portuguese sailors took them there about 400 years ago, and they find the forests just as homely as their native jungles. They are also found as far afield as Hong Kong, Palau and the medical labs of the developed world. Read more at … Continue reading Mauritian Macaque: BRP001